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Dancehall king Vyper Ranking graduates from Kyambogo University

Vyper Ranking graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, specialising in Marketing. He is the reigning Dancehall artist of the year 2021

Vyper Ranking

Vyper Ranking is the reigning Zzina Awards dancehall artiste of the year.

Bantu Entertainment Dancehall singer Ayire Sadam, alias Vyper Ranking, is in celebratory moods following the successful completion of his studies at Kyambogo University.

Vyper Ranking graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, specializing in Marketing.

The “Go Down” singer joins Route Entertainment artist Vivian Tendo as renowned musician who graced the University’s 17th graduation ceremony.

He also joins the long list of the new breed in the entertainment industry who have capped their education with bachelor’s degrees.

Vyper Ranking Biography

Vyper Ranking is an award-winning dancehall artist and songwriter, he is outspoken, humble, and very talented.

He is a 21st- century phenomenon, a young boy from the ghetto turned to be the main dancehall and reggae artist (superstar) of his generation. He is one of a kind, original and versatile in his music creation. He is also commonly known as ‘Riddim Killer’ a name given to him by his fans because of his hardcore freestyling, when Vyper Ranking jumps on any riddim he kills it with his dope off flows. He derived his name Vyper from a venomous snake (The Viper) literally meaning that he is dangerous when it comes to his lyrics and vocals. And the name Ranking is inspired by his best role model a Jamaican dancehall artist called Shaba Ranking. His musical genre is basically Dancehall and reggae and he says in Uganda he was inspired by artists like Peter Mile, Cindy Sanyu, and Kid Fox. Vyper Ranking is signed under a recording label called Bantu Events Africa.

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Growing up in the ghetto of one of the suburbs of Kampala (Uganda)
His original name ‘Ayire Sadam’ was born in Kireka, Kampala, on June 16, 1994. His father ‘Mohamad Lomong’ from Karamoja (Northern Uganda) was a businessman and his mother, Rehma Naigaga was a housewife.
Ayire Sadam aka Vyper Ranking is the 5th born in a family of eight children. He went to Kamuli CU for his primary education and Standard Secondary school, Bweyogerere for High education. Vyper Ranking says he grew up in a humble family and he loved music right from his tender age. Growing up he idolized the dancehall and reggae Jamaican artists and from there is started practicing his vocals suitable for his style.

Music career

Vyper Ranking joined the Ugandan music industry in 2017 with his maiden single/song called SOMA which was a big success. This hardcore dancehall song was largely welcomed by the majority of the music audience in Uganda.

In 2018 he released another single called Tobatya a dancehall song that was also welcomed well by his fan base which was strongly increasing. Video URL below

Still, in 2018 he releases another single called Ekyenge, this song was more appealing to the local fan base and it was a hit that played on almost all media houses and thereafter his fanbase increased immensely in the whole country. see URL is below.

By the end of 2018, he had established himself as one of the best dancehall artists in Uganda, and at the beginning of 2019, he collaborated with ‘Cindy Sanyu’ the best female dancehall artist ever in the Ugandan music industry and they recorded a song called Tebimala. Most people consider this song as the best Vyper Ranking has done his career so far. See URL below
In 2019 he has also released a single called Kiriza, which he also did a remix with A Pass and the URLs are below.

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And his latest release is called Yelyamu a hardcore dancehall song with an interesting fully animated video. See URL below.

In the 2017 WMC awards (Next Generation), Vyper Ranking won the award in the category of Best Dancehall Artist.

Big Stages/ Performances

Vyper Ranking has performed on almost all big stages and concerts in Uganda and he says he wants to now perform on the international level.
Below are the images of Vyper Ranking performing on Purple Party and Blankets and Wine one of the big stages in Uganda.

Vyper Ranking established his own style of hardcore dancehall with strong vocals, unique and mature lyrics, and hard beats which has not been existing in Uganda’s music industry. He has worked with one audio producer (Nexo) on all his projects so far. Vyper Ranking wants to take his Dancehall and reggae to the international level and wants to inspire younger ghetto youths and encourage them that they can be successful from the ghetto with hard work if they can avoid acts (like doing drugs and robbery) that can damage their lives.
Vyper Ranking is currently working on an album full of pure dancehall and reggae songs.

In 2021, he has crowned the Zzina Awards dancehall artist of the year.

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