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UCU LaunchPad Debate Ushers in New Leadership

UCU Launchpad outgoing leadership of Benjamin Elaku. Elaku’s government handed over to Fred Burondwa’s new leadership team.

Uganda Christian University

With the Easter semester drawing closer to an end, UCU LaunchPad Debate Club has welcomed in new leaders picking up from the outgoing leadership of Benjamin Elaku. Elaku’s government handed over to Fred Burondwa’s new leadership team.

The event which ended Elaku’s reign was marked by a number of achievements ranging from increased publicity, growing number of membership, constitution, weekly debates, buying public speakers, T-shirts, holding a public lecture on youth employment hosting prominent public figures mentioning the former Government’s Whip, now Deputy Speaker of Uganda Rt Hon Thomas Tayebwa.

The function colored by maroon shirts occurred at the University Main Canteen on Sunday, April 3. Over 50 people turned up for the handover function.

In his speech, Elaku applauded his counterparts for having worked tirelessly to reach what he called ‘successful tenure’ saying it was a true expression of teamwork. He tipped the audience off their grand solemn promise of making the club more influential. “We want Launchpad to act as a uniting factor for our institution. Thanks to the great team I have worked with for having ambushed me to do the very best,” Elaku said.

On receiving the instruments of power, Burondwa commended his predecessors for having ’caused a fundamental change’. He urged his new team to emulate their seniors to push forward the club.

“My prayer is that Launchpad doesn’t end with debates, we need to go beyond that. Political debates shouldn’t shape our existence, we can try economic development, health, and other avenues,” Burondwa said.

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He tasked the new team to acknowledge the prevailing challenges and take them phenomenal by trying to solve some of the same. “As we go ahead with leadership, life will be hard, but let’s not quit. Let us use them as opportunities to do more,” he added.

Students have praised the outgoing leadership saying it led to the development of debating quality within UCU and outside.

“When the outgoing leadership managed to organize for digitalized debates during Covid lockdown, I came to recognize their leadership strengths. I moderated about 90% of the virtual debates,” Martin Ahebwa said when invited to talk to the audience.
The handover ceremony had the awarding of certificates and cake cutting. The new team of leadership assumed their offices there and then.

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