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MCM: Meet Tonny Kagino, a 23-year-old paying his own Tuition at Kyambogo University

Tonny Kagino is a second-year student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business with Education at Kyambogo University

At 23 years old, Many youths in Uganda find themselves inside their parent’s house with no plan but it’s a different story for Tonny Kagino who left his parent’s home to fend for himself right after seating his A-Level exams.

Kagino is a second-year student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business with Education and believes he doesn’t have to graduate to start up a Business.

“I started this Business for my own good, I just knew it will help me out financially when I am at Campus and didn’t expect I would pay my tuition out of it,” he says.

The Musoga by tribe says he had to grow up very early because of the much he dreams of. He wants to grow his furniture Online Business into a big Company that will help in fighting Unemployment among the youths.

“I see many opportunities here, and I want to grow with my Business. I dream of being one of the people who can fight the highest unemployment numbers in Uganda through employing others” he adds.

Kagino is never bothering his parents with Tuition and other finances, he has managed to provide for himself for the full year he has been on campus and believes his business will push him to the pitch.

Kagino attributes his Calmness to Media Personality Douglas Lwanga. He says the TV star is his inspiration to work harder despite the two being in different fields.

Kagino happens to be the brain behind Rock properties Uganda, an online furniture Business.

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