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Former MAK researcher begs for love from first son Muhoozi

Dr. Stella Nyanzi says she is now willing to play the messiah and lay under the sheets for first son Muhoozi to ‘hammer’ her in an ecstatic missionary style in exchange for Kakwenza

Human rights activist and former research fellow at Makerere University, Dr.Stella Nyanzi has penned down an erotic poem on her Facebook page in which she begs for love from first son Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

The foul-mouthed Doctor says she is willing to batter trade her ‘leg’ for the release of Kakwenza Rukirabashaija -a fellow writer who was allegedly arrested by gunned men.

On the day of his arrest, Kakwenza Rukirabashaija went to his Facebook page and informed his followers and colleagues, among whom is human rights activist Stella Nyanzi, that he had been under house arrest by gunned men who claimed to be policemen.

Dr. Stella Nyanzi says she is now willing to play the messiah and lay under the sheets for first son Muhoozi to ‘hammer’ her in an ecstatic missionary style in exchange for Kakwenza who she alleges was arrested because of his writings that criticized the first son to President Yoweri Museveni.

Nyanzi was arrested in 2017 for speaking ill about President Museveni but she seems not to have learnt a lesson as far as her latest poem addressed to first son Muhoozi Kainerugaba is concerned.

Below is Stella Nyanzi’s poem.



Hey Kainerugaba, my chubby Afande!

Let me add some more ice cubes

To your coconut-flavoured waragi

I will blow your fallen horn as you

Gulp down your fiery drink

So that it burns away the ire

Lodged deep in your thick-ringed neck.

That writer’s words smashed your cool!

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hey Kainerugaba, my beefy afande!

Lets go f*ck away missionary style

your need to display raw power

By sending brutish gun-men

To breakdown the house of Kakwenza,

Drag him off his laptop computer,

Threaten to break his limbs,

Shove him into a dark-glasses drone,

And speed his terrified soul to God-knows-



hey kainerugaba, my fatty afande!

Let me suckle you obese man boobs

And cool that hot plump flesh with my tears;

Tears of pain at the silencing of a bold writer,

Detaining him illegally a third time,

Torturing him for his mischievous writing,

Denying his lawyers access to his broken


Which Tweep will be next?


Hey kainerugaba, my drunk Afande!

let me hold onto you thick hips

And ride you like rabbits humping.

Exchange my sex for Kakwenza’s freedom.

Pay me neither cash nor position

I am unlike your other whores,

In your drunken stupor from booze and


give us the freedom to write – for we are writers!


Hey Kainerugaba, my delusional Afande!

You can f*ck as many orifices as you desire,

But you will never f*ck with a writer’s will.

Brooze on as many substances as you


But you will never drink way writers’


Daydream of taking over your father’s


But you will never take over a creative’s


Go to the gym and go to rehab to cut down

Your addictions to food, alcohol, sex and


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