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Why every Campus dude deserves water from their babe

Sex: Our relationship and sex expert weighs in on why every guy at Campus deserves to be getting water from his sex partner.

Squirting is a form of ejaculation where a fluid is released by the woman during sexual pleasure or orgasm. There is some debate about what squirt during sex is and where exactly this fluid comes from, as well as if all women can squirt.

For women, squirting comes with its own set of pressures. It seems to have become another “impossible” sexual act we’re meant to perform. This not only contributes to sexual shame; it also makes it hard to let go enough to squirt.

Sex is independence. Sex is life. If you don’t know therapy, try good sex, and a few emotions will be sorted in the process. There is no shame in loving sex.

Even God appreciates a creation that has mastered the art of giving and receiving good sex. This country is the epitome of good sex.

THEREFORE, it is about time we stopped looking at tribe when we think of waterfalls in the bedroom. Any woman whose body has been well fed and appreciated will gash out water when touched by the right man.

Every Ugandan woman can squirt. If they like you enough, they should feed their body right to make sure that they enjoy the game between the sheets.

If a woman is dry, it is her fault. It might not be entirely, but she can fix it without even having to drink a basin of Okra.

Women from the Western part of Uganda are dripping wet because they have known hydration all their lives. People and mostly women from Western Uganda, drink more than they eat. This is a fact.

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A hydrated body will be moist, smooth, and soft. If you want water, you have to drink water. Everything that they have told you brings water, has to be mixed in water. Take out the rubbish and just drink the water.

Every man deserves a wet woman. Even when it is angry sex, it must be moist. In fact, when you are angry at your man, try and lay him by all means. You will be surprised how all those emotions will manifest into waterfalls.

And now to you, my Ugandan man. Keep learning and exploring ways to help her unleash the waterfalls. Money helps, but skill takes the day.

Be open-minded when reading about sex. Not everything is a movie. There is nothing evil that comes with you reading about how to turn on your woman.

There is nothing wrong with reading about how to make her squirt. Money will get you a woman, but good sex will make her worship the ground on which you walk.

Pretending to be holier than thou when the subject of sex comes up with your mates will not help you keep that woman you desire and want.

Understand how men get women to open up the waterfalls, and you will be a happy man.

When it comes to sex, we should all be focusing on exploring the depths of pleasure we can experience rather than trying to achieve goals. Explore your body and have fun with it. If you squirt, that’s great. If you don’t, that’s great too!

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