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The Uganda National Youth Forum and the Uganda Christian Lawyers Fraternity with the support of the Office of the First Lady have yet again organized a youth convention that no youth inclusive of university students or even graduates out there should be missing out on anyway.

The convention which will be hosted virtually through zoom from the State House will be the third of its kind with the first edition having been held on 5th August 2021 during the tough days of covid-19 and then the second edition held on 2nd December 2021.

The 3rd Virtual National Youth Convention will be happening under the, “Our future, our values: Navigating Through the Shifting Moral Culture” and will be hosted the First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports Mama Hon. Janet Kataaha Museveni.

She will be featured by Pastor Wilson Bugembe and Steve Keys who will be entertaining the attendees.
According to the Chief Mobiliser Denis Kabila, the convention will be happening on 27th May which is this coming Friday and is expected to start 2:30pm.

He also explained that for one to attend, one must have registered and in that way they will be able to attend the convention. Kabila adds that the convention will be both physical and virtual since some members will be hosted by the First Lady at State House Entebbe while the rest are expected to attend online through zoom links that will be shared.
As the theme indicates, the Convention this time will be targeting the values of the youth as one’s values determine their future. “Were in changing times and morals seem to be changing, people seem to be taking up the Westernization. In as much as you can have the will to do what you want, at the back of your head you need to ask yourself whether it’s actually beneficial to you,” Kabila added.

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Therefore, to have a complete person in youth these values are important and that’s where the Convention will be focused since the right values can be a solution to the country’s problems which includes corruption, and unemployment, among others.

In a bid to have the Convention a success, a number of speakers have been lined up to start with the First Lady Mama Janet Kataha Museveni, Dr. James Magara who is the Dean of the UCU School of Medicine and Dentistry, Justice Mike Chibita who is a Justice in the Supreme Court of Uganda, Mr. Assimwe Ronald William, Mocai Kalyegira Mugenyi, Mr. Kabiswa David George and Beat Baingana.

During the First Edition of the Convention, the organizers focused on leadership, mentorship, and life skills that young people need then entrepreneurship for the Second Edition. According to Kabila, it was the impact of these two conventions that forced the organizers to have the Third Edition of the Convention.

Therefore to be part of the audience for this edition’s convention, one may reach out through 0779349154 / 0780393951 to register.

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