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Nadia Mbiire’s husband asks for Divorce

Nadia Mbiire was caught red-handed cheating on her husband, Yasser Matovu, in a hotel room with city casanova, Raymond Kahuma

Things are not getting any better for sexy Nadia Mbiire Kabahiita.

After being caught red-handed cheating on her husband, Yasser Matovu, in a hotel room with city casanova, Raymond Kahuma, we have learned that Matovu is making moves to dissolve the marriage.

Matovu is said to be in talks with his lawyers to arrange divorce papers.

Even though the family members are holding negotiations to save the relationship, Matovu is reportedly bent towards ending it rather than redeeming it.

Sources say the couple has been having marital issues for some time. Yasser Matovu had earlier made it clear to Nadia that he was no longer interested in her and this drove her to seek solace elsewhere. She is, however, not keen to end her marriage.

The couple shares two children.

How did the photos leak?

Private Story by Jojo Bitature that has blown the affair of the two rich kids of Kampala was code-named; La Cosa Nostra– which is an Italian word that means “Our Thing” or “Our Work”, a mafia-esque operation.

Usually, Snapchat has a safety feature that alerts the user if a screenshot of their video content has been taken or video recorded. However, one of Jojo Bitature’s close friends (supposedly female if the leaked video is to go by) re-recorded the Snapchat video with another phone, unnoticed, and leaked it on social media.

The second private video leaked, again like the first, was from a streak Nadia Mbiire shared with a close “friend”. In the video, Nadia is seen wiggling her gigantic booty while naked.

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The whole story is laced with betrayal by close friends on Snapchat that has lifted a lid on the love affair between the mother of two, Nadia, and a fresh graduate from Dubai, Bitature.

Nadia Mbiire has since deactivated her social media accounts while Jojo remains active on Twitter and Snapchat.

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