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Kyambogo University female students strike over missing marks and evening lectures

Kyambogo University was a ground for running battles between police and students over a spirited demonstration for missing marks and evening lectures.

A section of aggrieved students at Kyambogo University moved to the administration block on Friday afternoon to protest missing marks from exams and the failure of the University to restore evening lectures. Over 15 students mostly female, stormed the University compound with placards displaying messages of discontent toward the administration for doing nothing to address their grievances.

Mostly brave babes dressed smartly, marched for long minutes while holding placards before they were interrupted by armed police officers and ordered to halt their demonstration. The adamant students later scattered in different directions after police fired teargas to disperse them.

They held yellow placards reading ‘free our evening lectures’,’ We want our marks’,’ lecture’s rights should be restored’ among other messages.

The students argue that since last year, the University management has failed to address the issue of missing marks and this has affected many that missed graduation.

They claim the University lectures sometimes misplace their course works has missed while other times they simply can’t locate results.

“I have missed marks for eight-course units since year one, sometimes lecturers lose the marks or don’t show up for lectures it really affects my performance,” Namata Jackeline said

The students also want the University to reinstate evening physical lectures starting at 4:00 pm as compared to the current time lectures happen.

“The economy is open but the management still wants us to have lectured at 2:00 pm, we want the time adjusted to 4:00 pm since there is no curfew, some of us are working and evening is convenient for us to study, some lectures are also missing lecturers and its a challenge,” said another student

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Last year in September, Kyambogo University reported that its online database had been deleted leaving about 29,000 students affected including 45 of those that missed graduation.

Reuben Twinomujuni, the Public Relations Officer at Kyambogo University explained that while the university is still gathering information on the matter, the mess is not linked to the students’ records management system.

“From what I gather, there are some lecturers who have not submitted the marks, but they’re also students who didn’t sit for the examinations for whatever reason, so we are still gathering information,” he explained

The issue of missing marks has of common concern to higher institutions of learning, students always raise complaints about missing marks, mostly because of challenges with online examinations.

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