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KIKONI SURE APP! Makerere, UCU, MUBS and Kyambogo Students take Sex Trade Online

The Kikoni Sure App allows thirsty students of Makerere, MUBS, Kyambogo, and UCU to share contacts and their hostels of residence.

Corporate Prostitution is on the rise of Universities as Makerere and Makerere launched a sex trade Application known as Kikoni Sure.

Sex trade and prostitution continue to grow every day in Universities and the students are also taking it a notch higher as they unveil a sex app online.

The Kikoni Sure App allows thirsty students of Makerere, MUBS, Kyambogo, and UCU to share contacts and their hostels of residence which facilitates their meetings.

Many of the students we spoke to reveal this is one of the best innovations and many are already sharing it with friends across Universities.

“I like the innovation and this is now something for us who understand the sure thing, this app has already benefited me with some contacts of sures” UCU student who chose anonymity told this website.

The App also allows sharing of pictures and videos, surely it will contribute to the growing sex trade in Uganda.

What is prostitution?

Commercial sex or prostitution is basically the monetary buying and selling of sex. Now for the cooperate bit of it, there is basically an upgrade in all that is done. In Uganda today, many people are involved in commercial sex, leaving a question of whether it is supported by the law or not. Apparently, many government officials and police officers are involved in a service exchange and surprisingly there are no arrests made. Unlike recent years when only women were key in this, of late, men have also come on board, and now commercial sex is upgraded and all corporate. Prostitution is now a career to many since the workers get steady pay, like really high pay! Gone are the days when one could park their car beside the road, and select which prostitute to take home… now meetings are actually arranged. Kati from research done those still standing beside the road basically need a software upgrade

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