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How To Land Your Dream Job

How to land your dream job: Simple steps you can take in order to secure that job that you have always dreamed to have as a child

So, you’ve identified your dream job and are eager to secure it. But what happens next? It can be easy to feel overwhelmed, especially if the job you have in mind differs significantly from your current role.

Do you have a job that’s just like everyone else’s? Are you looking for a 9-to-5, but wish you weren’t? Do you wish there was another option, one that would lead to an exciting, unique and fulfilling line of work? 

Those who tend to cling to their jobs by doing their best, also do their best to get better ones no matter the situation. So what do you do if you want to get a better job?

Having a better job depends on having a clear and easily understood resume. Paul Muhangi, an engineer in Kampala says that the resume should be good enough to market you to the interviewers.  

When the employer has been convinced by your resume, that is when they select you and offer you an interview.

In an interview,  Muhangi advises you to defend you resume so that the two of you become one. “Sometimes an interviewee might seem different from his or her resume because of the way they portray and express themselves,” Muhangi says. “So be articulate enough and let the first words impress the interviewers as much as possible.”  

Richard Wateya, a bank accountant says it all depends on the opportunities available. If there is an opportunity in your company or elsewhere, be first one to apply. So often jobs are posted in the newspapers and companies’ websites, but some people do not even care to try to apply. “You can never know what you are missing until you apply,” Wateya urges. “So always apply for as many jobs as possible until you get your dream job.”

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Besides that, position yourself properly for that dream job. Wateya says in order to be able to get a better job; it could be within your company elsewhere. You should be in good working relations with your bosses.

“The world is a small village,” he says. “What you do to one manager can end up being learnt by different managers in other companies.” And as a result, you might find that people of the same field know all about you and hence it becomes difficult for your career success.

Furthermore, Muhangi advises you to work on your experience. Some jobs need a certain period of experience. So, however bright you are, it might not be yet time for you to get them.  

Muhangi advises you to stay on your job for some time until you master all its operations and corners. Then you can be ready for a more challenging position.

In addition to that, one of the best ways you can get jobs is through networking. Networking is not very hard because you can start by associating with people in the same field but work in different companies. Sometimes, it might not be your field but other fields of people who might have a word about the existence of a certain job.

Another way, of getting a better job is having multiple skills. Nowadays, companies are looking for employees who can assign different tasks to cut costs other than a person who knows one thing.  It is always best to learn as many facets of your company as much as possible so that when the skills are needed you can use them to your own advantage.

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Josephine Mbatudde, a chief Executive Officer at Glo Social links anon- governmental organization, advises you to offer volunteering services. At the time when they are recruiting, these companies might offer you a job.

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