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Things Never To Say To Your Girlfriend

Girlfriends must always be happy and comfortable around their guys. The following are things you should never say them to be happy

Girlfriends can be very precious to guys. If you love your girlfriend, these are the things you should never say to her.

Preaching her not to get emotional

Apart from a few exceptions, women continue to be the most emotional of all the genders. Periodic and inexplicable bouts of crying, getting teary-eyed over seemingly regular conversations, or becoming explicitly possessive about your whereabouts is perhaps coded in the female DNA. The worst thing you can say during such situations is preaching her “not to get too emotional”. This is almost parallel to asking women not to talk that is simply against the rules of human evolution!

Asking about her sexual past

Yes, everybody thinks about it, i.e. the kind of sexual experiences your partner has had. However, you need to question yourself—how does this information really help? Apart from making you mad with jealousy or making her extremely uncomfortable, such questions don’t solve any purpose.

Too many guy friends

As a guy, it is one of the weakest moves to make at the beginning of a relationship to tell your girlfriend That she talks to too many guys, and you don’t like it. Once you make this mistake, you’ll always be tagged As insecure, and bounding and that comfort level might never come back. She might start hiding stuff. From you, they may be minor things, but she will still protect them to not hear sermons from you in Return. Relationships are all about trust and space, give them their area, and give them your confidence; you will get the same in return. Don’t be insecure.

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 “When’s your birthday?”

Come on, guys. Nothing is more likely to annoy your significant other than forgetting an important date such as a birthday or anniversary. It makes her feel unwanted and unimportant, and it only serves to make you look like a dolt. If you really have forgotten, then find out through another source. That way, you’ll save your relationship and your testicles from being forcibly removed.

“Sorry, I wasn’t listening.”

We guys are in the unhappy position of falling far short of the average woman’s ability to hold an effective conversation. Women can talk, listen, and muse upon what’s been said for hours at a time. To a guy, this pretty much constitutes torture. We can manage about 10 minutes before we start to think of tonight’s game or that new PlayStation game we want, or that foxy new member of staff who just started working in the office.

Much longer than ten minutes, and we just tune everything out or try to steer the conversation around to something that we want to talk about. However, beware, for women have an uncanny ability to detect a wavering attention span and will always find a way to test you to see if you were listening.

If you get caught, you’re in trouble. To a woman’s mind, not focusing 100% upon what she has to say is not a physiological flaw – it’s a sign that you lack any respect for her, and that she doesn’t matter to you. In this case, you can say goodbye to your conjugal rights for at least the immediate future.

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My ex…

If you keep bringing up things about your ex-girlfriend, it could indicate that you haven’t moved on. Relationship author and speaker Jenna McCarthy states that it will feel insulting if you speak about your ex-girlfriend especially if you’re comparing/praising your past girlfriend. Are you in a relationship with the present woman in your life or the ghost of your ex?

Add ons:

“You look like my ex.” No one wants to be compared to an ex — unless the ex is a model.

“You are fat”. No one wants to be told that.

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