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Corporate Prostitution eating up MUBS, Makerere, Kyambogo, and UCU students

Corporate Prostitution has become normal among University students that fancy lavish lifestyles they can’t afford

Commercial sex or corporate prostitution is basically the monetary buying and selling of sex. Now for the cooperate bit of it, there is basically an upgrade in all that is done.

In Uganda today, many people are involved in commercial sex, leaving a question of whether it is supported by the law or not.

Apparently, many government officials and police officers are involved in a service exchange and surprisingly there are no arrests made.

Prostitution is now a career to many since the workers get a steady pay, like really high pay!

The habit has also spread to campus students at MUBS, Makerere, Kyambogo University, and UCU who fancy an expensive lifestyle they can’t afford or their parents are not willing to sponsor. Sadly, some are not even aware that they are engaging in corporate prostitution.

These students are often seen with the latest iPhones, chilling in the most expensive places on a daily, drinking the most expensive alcohol, wearing designer clothes, sleeping in the state of the art apartments, unending flights abroad.

Gone are the days when one could park their car beside the road, and select which prostitute to take home… now meetings are actually arranged. Kati from research done those still standing beside the road basically need a software upgrade…

How it has been modernized

It is a business meeting

This is a serious business meeting because it involves making calls and appointments set. Actually, in such arrangements, time kept is time well spent.

Dress code

Of late, working people dress so classily, Santa Anzo and Abryans get the credit. They take their job so seriously that they even wear designer clothes, bags, and shoes that are rather expensive. For the men, they cut their hair from top barbershops around Kampala, Hair by Zziwa can testify to the dollars he makes from such. Gone are the days when prostitutes would go downtown to pick cheap third-hand clothes.

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A contract is involved

Fact that this is now a business, some workers and their clients sign contracts. From the research done, the contract usually includes when, where, who, and definitely how much to be paid. All mentioned places in the contract are A-class places. Now for the how much bit of it, it should definitely be a figure with multiple zeros. So just in case of any contract breeching, there is a penalty involved.

Meet up places

With this cooperative prostitution, meet-up places for deals to go down have upped from roadsides to fancy hotels, bars, and restaurants, or even in a non-suspicious place like a bank… yes! a bank! Not every hot girl posing to write something in that bank where you go is genuinely there to bank money, some are waiting for their potential clients.

Massage parlors are there very usual places…beside the massages, they in most cases offer more services for extra pay.

Medial alerts

Many of these working people are so smart of late since they usually put their health first. In those big designer bags they carry, they hold medical kits. Now, these contain protector condoms, Truvada and Prep drugs for HIV prevention, pain killers, among all others. Oh, they also carry HIV testing kits.

Places for stages

These corporate prostitutes are usually found in high-class hung-out places: name those top clubs, restaurants, and hotels. Now that dope chick or guy sipping on expensive wine, looking around, isn’t looking out for their partner! But rather potential clients.

  • How it all runs down!
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Have you heard of boss ladies, slay kings, and queens?! Now you have a little insight into corporate prostitution. Usually, that hot bootilicious girl at the counter, after spotting a potential client calls a waiter, orders an expensive spirit and writes her number on a napkin, slips it under the bottle, and asks the waiter to take it to that bait. There the deal is scraped open.

Sometimes, for an international client, the worker chips in as a chauffeur to pick the client from the airport, and there in the airport taxi, a deal is made for the next plot.

Sometimes there is that boss lady that pops up for an urgent meeting at your boss’ cube. Now that may be a contract kind of deal

In most cases, the client abroad books a plane, a car, and an expensive hotel room for the prostitute…now this is minus the price for the actual activity. So now the fact that this is now an actual profession, these people need licenses to run their multimillion businesses.

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