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Campusers worried as prices of ‘Kikomando’ and ‘Rolex’ rise

Kikomando and Rolex are the staple food for campusers at Universities in Uganda.

The new economic hardship is pushing students to starvation because The Rolex and kikomando are determined to fill their stomachs but those foods’ prices are rising day by day.

“Rolex and kikomando have had this image of being the food of the less privileged, however, right now, the number of students surviving on this as a meal is increasing every day” Mwangi Robinson, a MUBS student tells Campus Trend.

For sure, there are few students who can ford to buy normal foods, a reason ‘Rolex’ and ‘Kikomando’ have become staple foods.

University students to be able to save for their next survivor, and also be able to buy reading materials, have chosen to put wheat on their menu on daily basis.

It is estimated that one-third of those feeding on wheat products are university students, and cooking chapatti in areas near universities and hostels, is a profitable venture, according to Mahadi Ahibisimbwe, a person who is in this business.

“Since students went for holidays, I cook one carton, but when they’re back, I always cook two or two and a half cartons,” he says.

Nabuuma says, students herself back in the days, she shied away from standing near chapatti stalls, but for now, things have changed.

“I used not to go for kikomando, but now it has become part of me,” Nabuuma said.

To be able to survive in today’s world, she adds, you are more likely to cut your spending, and failure to do so, financial constraints are most likely to catch up with you.

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Looking around in Kitintale, glossary managers were sitting idle, waiting for customers to buy from them, but no one was walking at their stalls to spend.

Joan Migade who runs a glossary says, students who used to buy from them, are no longer buying in large quantities since the prices rose to abnormality.

However, we have learned that wheat is the most consumable product by university students, and being its prices are shooting high, their fate is left only in the hands of their creator and guardians.

The writer is one of the campusers.

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