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Campus Hyena: Why bonking my lecturer’s daughter earned me a retake

Aisha pulled me by my whopper to the sitting room where I laid her well on the couch and started grinding her yoyo with great skill.

Campus Hyena returns with another tale that saw him earn a retake because of bonking tubeless!

Mr. Mubiru was my lecturer for Principles of Marketing while in my 1st year. He was a wealthy, tall, and light-skinned gentleman whom every girl wished to bed. But I had a problem with Mr. Mubiru.

Given the fact that he was a handsome man, he dated every campus girl he wanted, and unfortunately, I always emerged as a victim in his projects.

The gentleman snatched every girl that I dated and would later come boasting in class about how fresh girls are not meant for freshmen. I conceded because, truly, I was merely a freshman, young and broke with nothing much to offer in relationships.

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Fortunately, I shared a class with Mr. Mubiru’s daughter, Aisha (Not real names). Aisha lived a lustrous life. She was cute and humble. To solve Mr. Mubiru’s continuous trespass into my love life, I chose to pursue his daughter. I madly fell in love with this girl as much as she madly fell in love with me. We did a lot together; insane and nasty, but for love.

Eventually, Mr. Mubiru found out. He was not welcoming at all. And despite the fact that he always snatched my girls, he regarded this as a biting equalizer. Usually, he sent me endless warnings about his daughter which warnings I often gave a deaf ear treatment.

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In this young and tender relationship, despite Mr. Mubiru’s unwelcoming ways, I felt secure until one Thursday afternoon when we had a session with Mr. Mubiru.

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Aisha faked an illness and proposed to her dad that she was staying home which move I had prior knowledge about. I also dodged his lecture and chose to visit Aisha at their home in Bunga. There, I found Aisha working on dishes. She wore white denim pants and a yellow top.

Aisha welcomed me, pecking my cheeks side by side and letting me rest in her warm bosom. And as our usual norm in our relationship, we always had a welcoming bonking around before doing anything else once we met at home.

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Therefore, there and then, I gently pulled Aisha’s shorts down and rolled my tongue over her brown thighs, around her punani, over her belly, and to her piercing breasts. She was already hissing and moaning with joy and satiety. She as well pulled my pants down, reached for my big cassava, and massaged it with a high appetite.

Aisha pulled me by my whopper to the sitting room where I laid her well on the couch and started grinding her yoyo with great skill. I pounded her sumbie as we switched position after position, disorganizing the entire sitting room. sooner had I hit Aisha’s bean to cum and register as round worth experiencing when her suspecting dad started hooting.

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In total panic, I immediately dressed up and my instinct told me that the only way I would survive Mr. Mubiru’s wrath was to open the gate myself. I took the courage, rushed to the gate, opened it, and as soon as the car got in, I rushed out, laughing sarcastically. That is when Mr. Mubiru saw me, but could not arrest me because I was already in the safe zone. Though he who laughs last laughs best, Mr. Mubiru deliberately had me get a retake of his course unit over bonking his daughter.

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Are you shocked by Campus Hyena and his bonking skills? Definitely not…

Yours, Campus Hyena… The Muzinnyi

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