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Campus Hyena: How I bonked a juicy MUBS babe in my dreams

My black cobra was rock-hard. Claire felt it as her hand was lying across it. She ignored though while we watched on. I massaged her pumpkins and she wasn’t hesitant

Certainly not this cute queen crushing on Mzee Museveni. There is another hot item on Twitter. She subscribes to Makerere University Business School (MUBS) and pursues a Bachelor’s of International Business.

Pre Covid 19 lockdown, Claire often cut through the streets of MUBS as though she knew I was watching. The exciting moves she pulled off as she wagged her curvy figure around campus always turned me on instantly. She was a Munyoro girl from some little village in Hoima that she was so proud of. A renowned Twitter celebrity that kept all salivating in that space.

In my tally book as a renowned Campus Hyena, I had not registered a girl from, or around the oil city. I felt it was the right time totally Claire and hit a milestone. However, despite my desperate desire to have Claire laid, my every attempt usually hit a snag. So, I employed all my Hyena-like tactics until she showed the green lights.

One day it was raining and the evening was quite chilly and frosty. I was feeling lonely in my room, not quite far away from Claire’s, and was scrolling through my phone gallery before I chanced on Claire’s pics that I had saved from her Twitter handle. Claire, a chocolate-skinned girl with pretty sparkling white eyes, round bums, and appealing breasts left every man yearning for at least a single subtle hug from this gorgeous daughter from the land of oil and beauty.

Still holding my phone, Claire bumped into my room with no consent. She was all wet and shivering. Her green dress was wrapped tight on her skin and revealed the best of her visible figure. Taken aback, I warmly welcomed her with a long-standing hug, caring less about her wet state. I planted a kiss on her left cheek and she returned one on my lips.

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“Campus Hyena, I was bored and felt like seeking company during this noisy rain. Sarah, my roommate is not around and is scared of the boisterous thunder. I’m I welcome?” She muttered in my ears.

“Aww! Yes, you’re. Feel at home. I replied. “But couldn’t you inform me before? I would have secured a seat for you from Alex’s, my neighbor,” I added.

“Don’t mind, I will sit at the edge of the bed,” she humbly assured. “Ok!” I endorsed while my heart was dancing in my chest. I could not imagine food free-falling onto the plate. I knew she was already a done deal.

“Seated on the bed, we watched a movie titled MILF while it rained. The movie content was full-blown erotic scenes and was sweet to fancy. It was so explicit that I got turned on. Sitting on the bed still, Claire was leaning against me, while I massaged her face with love and tenderness.

At the moment, my black cobra was rock-hard. Claire felt it as her hand was lying across it. She ignored though while we watched on. I massaged her pumpkins and she wasn’t hesitant. She was warm and free. And once I stopped, she picked my hands and slowly rubbed them against her pointed breasts. I could feel them prick through her dress. I then pushed her further onto the bed and she suspiciously ogled at me.

“What do you want to do, Hyena?” She asked, smiling.

“What do expect anyway? In a room that is completely devoid of overcrowding, while this heavy rain continues to render us a moment of tranquility?”

I pulled her closer, my hands wrapped around her small waist. She kissed me and looked me straight into the eyes. I saw the complexity of her beauty fully engrossed in emotions. She was sparkling.

“Campus Hyena, You drag me into this, but promise me that I will be that last thing you will hurt.”

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“Yes, I do.” “Come on baby. Will you smash my sumbie like a king?” She romantic requested for assurance. Claire was vulgar and quite entertaining to drill.

“Alright hun! Keep your fingers crossed,” I assured her while I pulled her dress upwards. My right hand dropped down to her sumbie. Claire was heavy downstairs and I realized she had taken a while without shaving her yoyo. She was bushy, but my fingers maneuvered through her thick jungle and massaged her punani. She was was already wet and oozing. I rolled my tongue over her sharp and engorged breasts, around her neck, and onto her lips. She was hissing and begging for my cassava to get into her southern bypass. Oh! Yeah! My cassava too was hard and could not wait to hit her bearded meat.

I peacefully laid Claire on the bed with one pillow below her waist. I slid my big cassava into her yoyo and she moaned with joy, satiety, and insanity. I started thrusting back and forth while she spread her legs far apart, fully exposing her thick yoyo. She gasped for breath and grabbed the air while I drilled her oily sumbie.

As soon as my cassava was erupting with a hot orgasm, Alex shouted on top of his voice, “Wake up you sleepy fool!!” He was laughing loudly before he informed me that Zipora, the other lame girl I had bonked the previous month was pregnant. I grew cold. My phone was lying on the floor with a cracked screen, probably from a fall while I was sleeping off and Alex was eyeing my wet pants in disbelief. Sadly, I had cum in my boxers. This is how Alex ended by bonking experience with this MUBS girl in my dreams.

Yours sincerely,
Campus Hyena

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