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Campus Hyena: How I drilled a dry Kyambogo girl till she bruised my black python

Campus Hyena narrates how he drilled a very dry Kyambogo babe and she bruised his cobra leaving him in tears

You should never eat from the Kasasiro – That was the advice given to campus hyena.

His eyes were wide open and his mouth was foaming from the corners. Antonio, my friend from Kikoni was grilling me over establishing a wrong love affair with this Kyambogo university girl. You could tell from his facial expression that he was honestly angry and hence disappointed with my development.

“I think Birungi is way better than Joy, the other lame girl whom I screwed on a wheelchair with last week. Surprisingly you didn’t comment and here you come,” I interrupted in my defense.

“But joy isn’t that ordinary. She’s a MUK girl and the class remains.”

“Oh please! To hell with your MUK hype,” I remarked and strolled away, walking to my peace.

Though she had short legs and big lips, I truly liked Birungi. She had a big round ass and a small waistline. That was my area of interest. Antonio kept bashing me over crushing on a girl with heavy lips and whose name was not honest with her actual physical self.

But the devil is a liar! I obtained Birungi’s contacts in church while we attended Phanero service. I was seeming high on the Horny Spirit. In my mind, I only wanted to have a penetration deep into Birungi’s round bum and drink from her river of life. And for over two months, I had numerous negotiations with Birungi on the terms and conditions of accessing her highly hidden sumbie.

Once she consented to my oratory power, I made arrangements to harvest her. On a fateful day, I had to confirm Antonio’s whereabouts to avoid any distraction. He revealed that he was indeed a way for the burial of his grandmother in Pallisa. With Antonio’s negative attitude towards this ugly girl, he could never allow such a project to prosper. That day, I invited Birungi to my place and she could not wait to arrive.

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I rushed to the supermarket and bought a round of pizza, a bottle of wine, and a dozen of knickers. On the evening of that Friday, Birungi arrived, dressed in rocking attire. She wore a purple crop top and a black mini-skirt with a long revealing slit, short enough to arouse a man’s appetite, but long enough to cover the subject matter.

I served the planned evening meal and presented my gift of knickers to this highly excited Kyambogo queen. Birungi offered me a long-standing hug and massaged my hairy back. I sunk my hands into Birungi’s Mini-skirt which automatically unzipped, falling to the floor as my fingers reached the boundaries of her small sumbie. She instantly adducted her thighs, locking my hands in her girth and closing her eyes in silence.

At once, Birungi opened her eyes and locked me in the face. “Campus Hyena, it’s about 2 years since I last did these things and I’ve done them only twice. Am scared,” she testified. From her pink eyes, you could tell that she was actually starving and thus hungry for a hard, well-built whopper.

“Fear not, I will make you feel comfortable tonight,” I assured them as I knelt before her. She nodded in approval and I planted a kiss on her big lips as though I was licking a big bom sweet. My left hand was fully exploring her sumbie and massaging her engorged clit. She then widely spreads her legs for me to fully transcend her yoyo, pushing her white knicker to the right lip of her sumbie. With her hands, she rubbed my black python with an aggravated appetite.

I laid Birungi on her back, in the total spine. I peeled off her knicker and fully exposed her bearded sumbie. I slid my hard erect python into her thick and teary yoyo and spanked it like a pro.

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“Oh babe! Massage my back. Be my Stella Nyanzi,” I moaned.

“Why not darling? You’re my Kakwenza,” she responded in action.

“You deserve the best in this world. For, your taste is unrivaled. I wonder what it could be, a life without encountering your yoyo.”

“Campus Hyena, come on baby, just bombard me. Hit it hard. Am your Ukraine, be my Russia,” Birungi was buzzing with songs of war as my long python made recurrent trips in and out of her tight sumbie. She sang songs of glory.

“Foko! Foko! Foko! Foko!” The sumbie made its sound as I drilled deep into Birungi’s round ass.

“Oh maama…Oh maama…, The streets of Banda are all yours, “Birungi honored my bonking prowess with ownership rights of Banda, her eyes half-closed as she unleashed ancient lyrics.

“I decline the offer my dear,” I joked, whispering in her right ear. She playfully patted on my cheek while I danced her to the moon.

After a few minutes of this action-packed bonking session, the friction in Birungi’s sumbie increased. I could feel a burning sensation around my black python, but I was only yet to cum. I strived to register those five seconds of glory while I aggressively pounded Birungi’s sumbie. She was screaming and crying about how I was hurting her sumbie. Due to excessive pain around my manhood as well, I halted the process with disgust and disappointment.

The next morning while Birungi left, I saw black coatings of clots on my then humble whopper, resigned from an aggressive assignment. That is how this dry Kyambogo girl bruised my black python. Since then, I killed the belief that bummy girls are obviously succulent.

Yours sincerely,
Campus Hyena

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