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Campus Hyena: How I chewed an oily KIU belle and got myself beaten to a pulp

Campus Hyena narrates how he enjoyed an oily belle from Kampala International University before cheating death after getting thumped.

Campus Hyena narrates how he enjoyed an oily belle from Kampala International University before cheating death after getting thumped.

So tender and sophisticating does the name Martha roll off my tongue. It hits me with amounts of nostalgia every time I ponder upon my fascinating bed-Minton experience with her, in the early Covid times. Martha was this humble and beautiful friend of Sharon (my widely known girlfriend whom I often regarded a bonkmate). She was pursuing a Bachelor’s of procurement and logistics at Kampala International University (KIU) in Kansanga. She often visited Sharon at Kyambogo University where I occasionally met them. They usually chatted on many topics and all understood each other’s innermost being. Sharon was so obsessed with Martha that she could not stop talking about this Gishu girl from the far corners of Bududa.

Martha was so friendly, talkative, and very charming. She often stole glances at me every time I and Sharon went for an outing in her company. Because she had a fine and polished English accent, I often imagined her bedroom screams on every bonking session. That’s how I got a dire urge to slice her sumbie for a live experience. And as Campus Hyena, I had longed to taste the waters of a Gishu girl having been informed that these girls are great lovers of black pythons.

Manifestations of a true greedy Hyena started unfolding as I designed the access route to this girl’s hidden sumbie. I got closer and more used to Martha, and I would flatter about her beauty and often applauded the man who was feasting on her yoyo. I always commented about her prominent bums and made fun of her seemingly thick yoyo at the front every time she wore tight pants. We endlessly laughed and I got fond of her.

Martha enjoyed a lot about me and started preferring being around me to chilling with Sharon. She would call me any time of the day and we chatted for a long. She got access to my phone and would flip through everywhere.

“Campus Hyena, you gave the right body tone, a well-packed hairy chest that every girl would wish to have in her bosom,” she complimented. I realized she was wallowing in my phone gallery. I looked at her and smiled. She smiled back.

“Would you?” I inquired. “Why not? Hyena, you know what I mean,” she added with begging eyes.

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“What do you mean anyway?” I asked

“Anyway, I suggest we reserve this for another day,” she remarked, looking shy and blushing. She looked more beautiful and tempting. Like Freya, the Scandinavian goddess of beauty, love, and war. She wore nice fragrances, spiced up with a dazzling set of jewelry.

“You know, you are so special and like, you deserve something more special, which something is in your vicinity. Hyena, do you realize life is too hard for the blind?” Martha whispered in my ears, standing on her toes before she left. I was way taller. For a while, I stood silent and my heart was only telling me that Martha was joking with a burning spear.

As my norm in this life of a Campus Hyena, the weekend is always reserved for a pussy hunting spree. That Friday, I was right on my bed, quite horny and mulling over which hot belle to download that weekend. Sharon had left the previous day since Sevo had closed schools following a surge in Covid 19 across the country. Lying low and lonely, a message from Martha came in.

“Hi, come for breakfast. Am aware your bitch ain’t around,” it read.

“Come for a d*ck instead,” I replied.

“Not really, in the evening maybe,” she made amends.

“Chei!!”I got off the bed and asked myself in surprise. “Why is it this quick? This girl must be having HIV!! She wants to infect me. But I won’t accept. I will have to wear a condom. All in all, I have to feast on her punani,” I talked to myself like I was drunk on the horny spirit.

I made up my room just in case she meant her word. At around 3 pm, I rushed to the nearest supermarket and bought a bottle of champagne, only to receive Martha’s call reminding me that she would not make it. I was already charged and so I threatened to storm Ggaba, specifically to her place, and strike in case she didn’t bring her yoyo to my room. She later reversed her statement for fear of losing her boyfriend with whom she was staying.

At around 4 pm, Martha arrived at my place in Kikoni, dripping and dressed to bonk. I was wearing boxers and upon a glance onto her, my black python stood erect to welcome her cooling chamber. She immediately reached for it and appreciated the size, claiming that her boyfriend’s cassava feels like a little finger in her huge sumbie.

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“Is this what Sharon enjoys in silence? Damn!! Bitch is blessed, but I am at least glad that it’s mine apparently,” she commented, expressing her high appetite.

“Calm down!” I hugged her while I directed her towards Hyena’s eatery. “Have a bed and sip some wine if you don’t mind.

“Am not doing anything else,” Martha muttered while holding my erect cassava in her hands. She unbuttoned my shirt and massaged my hairy chest while I held a champagne glass in my hands. She rubbed her soft palms over my abdomen and sank her hands into my boxer, reaching out for my hard whopper before treating me to the sweetest blow job ever on Earth, while on her knees. I dropped the glass, strongly biting my teeth as Martha sent electrical waves through my entire body.

I grabbed Martha by the buttocks and carried her to the bed, planting her there, in missionary position. I spread her legs wide and tore her knickers. My tongue massaged her big clit while her yoyo wept. It was smartly shaved Shaolin and glittering with saliva. I held my angry and hungry black python and sank it into Martha’s wet sumbie. She coughed and gasped for breath.

“Your whopper is too big, but I will swallow you whole,” she romantically asserted, then I started grinding her to reckless abandon. The more I hit it hard, the more the bed made noise. It was killing the vibe.

We got off the bed. I lifted it up and leaned it against the wall, then laid the mattress on the floor. There, we comfortably bonked as I drilled Martha’s wet yoyo, switching style after style. As we attempted doggie style, Someone knocked on the door and I heard a furious voice of Sharon, calling upon me to open. It was then that my whopper went cold and coiled. I don’t recall what happened later, but rather, I woke up, finding myself in Kiruddu, with bruises on my face, a cannula on my hand, and a drip stand by my bedside.

Forever yours,

The notorious Campus Hyena.

I will be back to tell you more of what I have experienced.Ruckus in Makerere University’s Mary Stuart Hall, as Campus Hyena bonks a juicy slay queen on her decker bed

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