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Ruckus in Makerere University’s Mary Stuart Hall, as Campus Hyena bonks a juicy slay queen on her decker bed

Campus Hyena narrates how he bonked a succulent and bummy Becky at Makerere University’s Mary Stuart Hall.

Campus Hyena narrates how he bonked a succulent and bummy Becky at Makerere University’s Mary Stuart Hall.

Footballers hang their boots, but what do bonking champions do? Probably, they hang their condoms. Well, as a renowned Campus Hyena, am only yet to hang my condoms. In this world that is not up for harvest, I have always celebrated the joy and pleasure that my sweet cassava has rendered me except for the time I chewed a bummy Makerere University slay queen in Mary Stuart Hall.

It all started when I met Becky during the 70th graduation of Makerere University. She was Shamie’s bestie, my gullible, cute, and famous bonkmate around campus. They were great friends in that they shared a lot about me to the extent that Becky got aware that I was truly a bonking superstar, a notorious Campus Hyena. Quite often, whenever we met, Becky always concentrated on my bulging fly, probably wondering how rough and tasty my black monster resting in there was.

Many times, Becky would get so close to me, speak all dirty and dare me to drink from her pot of erotic pleasure. She cared less about sharing the taste of a superior whopper with Shamie, her bestie.

“Naye mwana gwe, Shamie yangamba olina omugo super atte mbuno ogikuba bulungi,(You guy!, Shamie told me that you have a big stick and that you bone well) Becky remarked. “Naye bwokwata neku yange offa? ( If you chew me, will you die?) She added with a joking beam.

“Don’t mess with my python. It will cause you a fistula,” I threatened with my usual ‘Kajanja’ to ensure that she was serious.

“Over my dead body! I am pretty sure I will accommodate your overrated python,” she laughed.

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We spoke a lot of vulgar details and I started feeling uncomfortable. My whopper was getting out of order and it was beginning to riot in my trousers. I silently left while pocketing for fear of embarrassment.

After about a week, I received a call from Becky. It was a surprise call since we had spent the entire week minus seeing or speaking to each other.

“Hey Campus Hyena! I hope you’re doing fine, downstairs as well,” she saluted humorously.

“Definitely, am ok. Long time too, anyway!”

“Longtime too. By the way, to set the record straight, Hyena, I was serious last time. Will I see you this evening? She begged.

“So what’s the plot? I inquired.

“I feel like getting you exhausted tonight,” she assured.

“I hope you ain’t playing games, if it’s true, then I will be available by 7:00 pm. I celebrated from the inside given that I had spent a long while on a starvation diet. She was the first girl I was screwing in about 2 months.

At about 6:50 pm, Becky called me informing me that she was ready for me at Mary Stuart Hall. I dressed in average attire and wore a Dolby fragrance. By 7:30 pm, I was at Mary Stuart and Becky was in her room, a little disappointed about my timekeeping. She wore a red crop top and denim shorts that fully revealed her curvy figure. Becky successfully smuggled me into her room where two of her roommates were already asleep.

Becky welcomed me with a long-standing hug and a peck on the left cheek. “You’re welcome, Hyena. I can’t believe that you’re finally here.”

“Alright, I also can’t believe that am going to harvest you from this decker!” She giggled as we sat on her bed. I sipped some red bull as we discussed a number of issues till around 10 pm.

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“I think it’s getting late, I will be leaving soon, “I provoked her. Definitely, I could not leave minus pounding her yoyo.

Becky switched off the lights and got close to me. I pushed her to lie on the bed while she offered me a skillfully delivered French kiss. Oh my…! She was good at this with her soft sweet lips.

In absolute darkness, I pulled off Becky’s denim shorts and pushed her knicker sideways, before I slid my fingers into her pants to feel her warm sumbie.

We kissed as I massaged Becky’s sumbie with deep tenderness. She was groaning and hissing, while I tickled her big clit with my left thumb and suckled her breasts. Becky started screaming and crying the moment I pushed my big python into her cunt. The entire bed was terribly shaking as though an earthquake was occurring.

This forced her roommates to wake up with anger and fury. They accused Becky of inconveniencing their sleep with her reckless yells. They further frankly told her off to stop bringing in men. There was a bitter exchange of words that prompted Becky’s roommates to jump out of their beds. Worse still, even one threatened to confiscate my pair of trousers. As ruckus broke up with one girl determined to take my pair of trousers. I skillfully picked them and disappeared in thin air. I dressed up while exiting and I got no idea of what happened later.

Forever yours,
The notorious Campus Hyena

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