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Campus Hyena: How I bonked a Kabale University waterlogged babe

Lillian a student at Bishop Barham University College-Kabale is Campus Hyena’s OG from Uganda Martyrs SS Namugongo

Many times Lillian, my OG at Uganda Martyrs SS Namugongo, currently at Bishop Barham University College-Kabale had assured me about how beautiful, cold, entertaining, and hospitable Kabale was.

Let alone the juicy, light-skinned girls from Rwanda and the waterlogged Bafumbira girls from Kisoro, who mingle with the natives to bring out the best of nature’s splendor. At Campus Hyena, I longed to visit this place, interact with the western queens, and obviously drink from their rivers of life.

It was not long until the wheels of time and fate brought this wish into a reality, a moment to ponder on with absolute nostalgia. This was in the early month of October 2021, when the Kabale district organized the National Volleyball Club Championships which had a number of university students involved. As the team’s favorite fan, a talkative, charming, and cheerful morale booster and probably the greatest ever, I could never be left behind. The games were pretty interesting at Kabale District stadium, but while we cheered and chanted, my objectives remained straight, that is, securing myself a juicy slay queen to quench my thirst and hence call it a trip to the west ends.

The first day was quite great though our team lost. The evening was calm and the atmosphere was hospitable and as conducive as Lillian had initially stressed. So, as I was strolling around the stadium, one game was going on and there was this slim girl that caught my eyes. She was a short and bummy yummy girl whose braids fell on her back which she kept trying. She was light-skinned and her smile sparkled every time she spiked and got away with it. Her sweet screams on-court conned me into supporting their team. This girl rendered every man salivating in his trousers as some were seen pocketing. To steal her attention, I actively cheered her team on, and at the end of the game, they had won, and so, she gave me a “hi-five” in appreciation.

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“Guy! You’re so great. Thanks for your support. You’re so motivational,” she did applaud me.

“Oh! It’s my pleasure. Am Campus Hyena. And you?” I asked.

“Am Linda, nice meeting you,” she replied. I knew that she was lying because she had been repeatedly called a different name while on the court.

“Alright, are you busy?” I asked further.

“Oh yeah! I am. I have to go home and take a shower,” she replied.

“Fine then. Do you mind us sharing contacts before parting? You’re a fine baller,” I asked while I flattered her. She looked disgusted though she later read her number.

There and then, we got bonded. I showered her with the sweetest of words on Earth. Fine flattery and so on. We chatted about everything. About business, politics, music, love, and war. She told me that she was a student at Kabale University and given that I wasn’t paying her tuition, I didn’t bother digging deep into which course she was pursuing. Linda spoke English with a loose tongue. She had a slippery English accent, typical of western Uganda.

The next day was quite busy as the tournament was winding up. Linda and I planned to meet in the evening before our team would set off for Kampala in the night. Since she was staying around Campus, she proposed that we meet at Kabale University library block because her roommate was being screwed by her boyfriend from their room.

At around 7 pm, the Boda guy carried me from town directly to the library block where I found Linda clad in a short red dress. I had escaped from my colleagues who were boarding the campus van to set off. I could not resist that temptation in any capacity.

Linda hugged me and got me soaked in her sweet fragrant perfume. She looked polished and appealing. I wrapped my hands around her waist with a high bonking appetite while I cracked jokes.

“Campus Hyena, you are an adorable young man. A guy of admirable character. You never bore.” She asserted while beaming.

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“Thanks! Now see how you make me blush!” I remarked as my hands massaged her round buttocks, but over her dress. Soon, Lawrence, my teammate called inquiring about where I was. He further threatened that they would risk leaving me behind in case I did not show up at the van soon.

Linda could not release me and neither was I willing to let her go. We moved to the nearest dark corner where I pinned her against the wall. She kissed me deeply as though she wanted to diffuse into me. I carried her dress upwards and pushed my hands into her knicker. She had a huge clean-shaven sumbie that sent my whopper rioting with impatience. Linda was wet and welling up. I rapidly drilled her sumbie with my middle finger and she screamed with those romantic Rukiga phrases that I do not recall.

Linda unzipped my trousers, held my black python, and demanded a penetration. Then, my phone was blazing with call after call. I tore Linda’s knicker, dumped it on the ground, and carried her left leg before I inserted my whopper into her wet sumbie. I quickly poked and poked at her sumbie like a woodpecker on a tight deadline. In no minute, as Linda’s yoyo exploded with liters of water, one jealousy son of a devil flashed a bright torch into us. We scattered into different directions, my whopper dangling side by side as I pulled up my trousers and left behind the remains of Linda’s knicker.

I rushed to the University gate and boarded a Boda to the Campus van where I was almost battered by colleagues. However, on the realization that I was all covered with Linda’s fragrant perfume, everyone hailed the sex champion having registered the shortest quicky of all times. Since then, I have remained friends with Linda and she cannot wait to have me pound her yoyo once more.

Forever yours,
Campus Hyena, the notorious one.

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