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Stanbic Banks CEO Ann Juuko gives husband Makubuya an ultimatum ahead of the wedding

Apollo Makubuya, the corporate fraudster, and fornicator is finally set to walk down the aisle with Ann Juuko come 27th August as per CEO magazine. Looks like the Stanbic Banks CEO Anne Juuko got off her high horse having canceled her introduction and postponed the wedding under unclear circumstances late last month a source from the WhatsApp group AJs intro core revealed.

For some good period, there have been stories about city lawyer Apollo Makubuya and his behavior of being a fraudster and dating married corporate women for money.

Credible sources say he is very smart and when he gets to have dinner with these women, he will leave you with no option but to fall into the traps of sleeping with you and then stealing money from you.

According to the source, Apollo is sharp and only dates corporate marrieds or loaded singles that cannot put out his dirt in public after scamming them in fear of tarnishing their names and marriages.

Ever since he lost his wife who died in the USA in 2018, Makubuya has been on a rotation of sex with over six women in Kampala all either with money or connections.
According to the source, he fell in love and has had names like Geraldine, katono, Nakato, Kaitesi, sheila, and others and 2 have children he can never show to the public, some are not even known like his current baby mama and CEO Stanbic bank Ann Juuko.

Makubuya’s soon-to-happen wedding was allegedly called off last month after he re-impregnated one of his previous ex-girlfriends. Ann Juuko put an ultimatum that he changes his behavior and the woman aborts if the wedding is to happen. It’s alleged that Makubuya and this woman have a child together already and this is a second pregnancy despite him wanting her to abort and the two paid to a tune of USD 20,000 for the lawyer to travel to the USA and abort the baby and also be away during their functions.

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It’s also alleged that the reason the two are going about the wedding is their behavior, friends, and colleagues of Ann Juuko say its too late and embarrassing for the 2 to call off the wedding which Kabaka is scheduled to attend
Makubuya also fathers a child with a prominent married MP and it’s alleged that their affair has been kept as a total secret in fear of wrecking her marriage.

Makubuya also takes huge amounts of loans and money from these women in the promise of loving them hard and since most of them are cooperating, he frauds them and plays hide and seek because they can’t report them anywhere. He is also building a big hotel on Entebbe using money he stole from a married top cooperate woman.

See the screenshots below.

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