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NTV’s Andrew Kabuura Cheating on Wife Flavia Tumusiime With Mercy Twinomujuni

Kabuura has been passing by Mercy’s apartment every Monday for chaw before his sports show dubbed the NTV The Press Box

Andrew Kabuura’s cheating shenanigans have been unmasked!

The city love bird this Sunday morning woke up to social media heat after screenshots of his steamy chats with Mercy Twinomujuni, an employee at the French embassy heading Campus France- Uganda.

The salacious screenshots show how Kabuura has been passing by Mercy’s apartment every Monday for chaw before his sports show dubbed the Pressbox.

Below is one of the many screenshots;

Andrew Kabuura is a polite man, despite being stubborn with a gleam of mischief in his eyes. Kabuura is a genuinely down-to-earth person who loves having fun as much as possible and smiles a lot.

Andrew Kabuura – Early Life and Education

Kabuura was born in Ntungamo District. He is the last born to a family of four who was raised by his mother and his Uncle whom he talks of passionately after his father passed away in 1994.

Kabuura speaks of his Uncle passionately because he has been his surrogate father ever since his father died.

Kabuura went to a boarding school in Ntungamo District for his Primary School level, from where he obtained his Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) certificate. He attended his Primary School in Ntungamo because his father wanted him to learn Lunyakole.

In his narration, Kabuura says during school holidays in his village in Ntugamo, he was the only child who could speak fluent Luganda but no Runyankole.

From Ntugamo, Kabuura joined Vienna College for his High School level from where he obtained his Ordinary Level (O-Level) Certificate. He’s among the few pioneers of Vienna College.

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After his O-Level, Andrew Kabuura moved to Makerere College School (MACOS) for his Advanced Level (A-Level) education from where he acquired 19 points in his UACE exams.

From Makerere College School, Kabuura joined Makerere University Business School to study for a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

Andrew Kabuura began working while at Campus in 2009. This is where his big break came up from.

At that time, The New Vision had a section where people could send in newsletters bearing their opinions, which still exists.

Now, one-day Andrew Kabuura wrote a controversial letter and sent it in for the Sports Section, but he had no thought that New Vision would run his article.

Kabuura sent in two articles and he was told that the stories would be published after two weeks or a month. So, weeks later, Kabuura received a call and he was asked to go to New Vision offices to take a picture for his article.

Immediately after the call, Kabuura rushed to New Vision offices, he did not bother to take a shower. His article was published and then the next week another one ran too.

At this point, Kabuura made sure that every person in the house accessed the New Vision paper to read his article. He placed one in the living room, another in the corridor, just in case one misses reading the one in the living room.

So, after some time, Kabuura received a call from Louis Jadwong, the then sports editor at New Vision, asking him to start writing for the paper every week. He began writing for the paper but in the process, Kabuura was asked to join Vision Voice, the current XFM sports desk.

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But he didn’t have any knowledge about radio work, he had never seen even how a radio studio looks like in his entire life. 

All he knew was football and nothing else. What Kabuura did at that particular moment was to get money and go to an internet café and research all the other sports. He says; that was his sports journalism career kicked off.

The same year he joined New Vision, Kabuura got a chance to be among the top six finalists in a program Free Voice, by Dutch radio.

Kabuura passed the exams that were to qualify African journalists for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa finishing 4th in over 400 African journalists.

One of his favorite career memories was the time Kabuura was given a chance to interview Russel Fuller who was covering the Common Wealth Games in India live on Vision Voice the current XFM through BBC.

He almost fainted when Russel Fuller called him by the name Andrew.

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