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Former UCU Guild President Amponda seals term with a Multi-Million Project

Amponda Kenneth was the 23rd Guild President of UCU and he is currently the speaker of the Uganda National Students Association

As they come to the end of their tenure, the Guild Government of the Mukono based Uganda Christian University which has been headed by the new Speaker of the Uganda National Students Association, HE Agaba Kenneth Amponda the 23rd Guild President have all this concluded in style with a multimillion project at hand.

In a bid to move with the current development of a global digital world, the team has introduced a digital board that will be used in making communication by both the university and the students guild towards the student’s community. With the different screens fixed on different university lecture blocks, it’s a move to phase out notice boards entirely throughout the university and make the Mukono Campus into a paperless university.

In addition to the digital screens, the outgoing government has also put-up litter bins which apparently will be an improvement to the ones that the university had before and some of which were put in place by the recent governments.

Some of the TV screens that were erected by Amponda

“The aim around the installation of digital boards is to make sure we avail information to students on a daily basis because at times we had challenges where a memo is passed regarding pertinent issues for example tuition deadline but students wouldn’t get them because they may not be on WhatsApp at such a time, therefore, we thought it wise to have the same message re-echoed before the eyes of the students,” noted Amponda

It’s a norm at the Mukono based Uganda Christian University that each and every Guild Government has to leave behind a project which is one that is always left to create memories about the recent government with the former Government also known as the “Kadaga Government” having set up street lights within the university.

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The Government at the moment is being compared with the “Amongin Government” which is the last Guild Government at the Mukono-based University to leave a remarkable project after they set up a students park which standstill now.

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