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8 Skills You Should Acquire From Your Internship

An internship is a very important aspect for every student who plans to face the outer world after school.

Internship is a very important aspect for every student who plans to face the outer world after school.

The following are skills one must get from an Internship.

1. Communication Skills

This is one of the basic skills that you must have to crack an interview. Your English proficiency will be taken into account widely for a range of jobs. So practice speaking in English throughout your internship and avoid talking in your native language if you want to improve your communication skills.

2. Interpersonal Skills

This is one of the prime skills you must learn. Apart from the basic communication skills or language, expertise is required. It is very important that what you want to convey reaches the other person exactly the same way that you meant it. To be able to work successfully, interpersonal communication plays an integral role. Observe how people around you in the office talk. Make a note of their tone, body language, and behavior, and learn from them.

3. Time Management

Even as a student, time management could have been one factor that you had to grapple with. But the working model of a varsity differs from that of an office. The gates will not be closed, you will not be marked absent for an entire day, there are no bells and yet you need to maintain your timings with regards to attendance as well as deadlines to complete your work. The recruiter will certainly judge you based on your effective time management right through the selection process when you are made to write a test and even post-employment. So get yourself organized in this aspect.

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4. Team Work

You might possess excellent skills as an individual. But when it comes to working with another person, how well do you fair? Does that make you a bit uneasy? Or does it excite you? Whatever your feeling might be, it is good that you are experiencing it and you need to acquire skills to adjust to one another and nurture one another when you are working towards the same goal as a team. Every company works in teams according to their hierarchy. The employer definitely wants you to be a team player regardless of how good you are as an individual. So learn to fit in and excel rather than stand out and be outstanding.

5. Flexibility

There will be times in an office where you might have to work at wee hours or just stay a little longer on some days. Although you have maintained your punctuality when in need, it is the right thing to extend your full support and this might not come to you just in a day. You have to practice flexibility to make it a habit. Flexibility might not be a trait that your employer could judge you with on the day of your interview. But to climb up your career ladder, this is a mandatory skill that you must possess.

6. Research

What you learn in your school and college are just the basics of life and technical skills. To be a forerunner in your career, you need to be updated, and to stay updated you must know the art of research. Why is research important? Because, after your education, nobody is going to present you with books or materials to learn the job. You will need to do your own research and work furthermore after some basic guidelines. Hence, rather than actually being keen on the end results of research during your internship, be on the lookout for ways to better your research – be it on the internet or other sources.

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7. Leadership

It is easy to be a part of the crowd and take collective responsibility. Why be a leader then? Because the crowd around you will not last with you till the end and there will be a point of time when you need to make decisions on your own and be answerable to them. Rather than being pushed to do something, taking the initiative to come up with ideas, organizing them, and working towards them will reward you both monetarily as well as position-wise. A leader is not someone who controls others but nurtures them. And nurturing the people around you only means that you are better than them and are bettering furthermore with this attitude. Every employer looks for this skill in an employee before entrusting a role to them.

8. Critical Thinking

This is one of the skills that you would be judged on during an interview. Even the best of companies face a crisis at some point in time. The ability to respond and not react to a problem is what begets critical thinking. It requires being calm in the worse conditions and coming up with creative solutions for a problem. No wonder every company requires someone who possesses this skill!

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